Sticky Trading

Financial widgets for your web site

Whether you are a financial blog or a commercial web site with focus on a specific sector, adding a tool offering your readers a quick but complete view of related stock performances can add relevance to your site and help increase traffic.

Most financial widgets are thought as a small side bar to complement your web pages, adding little to nothing in terms of additional page views.

Our widgets are though as the main content of an additional web page, potentially increasing the number of visitors to your site.

Both if your average reader is a skilled investor or not, there’s no lack of financial tools, on the internet, to track stocks. Most information becomes confusing, as 90% of data are irrelevant to the larger picture.

Our widgets give you the possibility to select the companies that are essential to your web site, focus on essential data, while still offering your readers open choices as to interpret them, and create a “sticky” platform that readers will keep on visiting in the future. A concentrated and real time news flow also adds interest to the offering and a “must come back to the page” feeling.


How it works

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Supported Platforms:

    • Wordpress
    • Blogger
    • TypePad
    • MovableType
    • or any Web server!