We share some of our diligence through articles that are published by Seeking Alpha.

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Our commentary has been quoted both by news organizations like Reuters (I, II) and listed companies like Equinix, Switch and Data (now part of Equinix), TelX (Digital Realty), etc., or published by leading online sector-specific sources like Data Center Knowledge.

Paolo Gorgo also hosted a few presentations at Data Center Dynamics conferences in Italy.

Our article: OI Brazil: Recuperação Judicial Likely Outcome was published a few hours before the Brazilian Telecom filed for the local equivalent of Chapter 11.

Our article: Frontier Communications: Beware Of The Ides Of March anticipated Frontier's Communications' filing for Chapter 11 by a few weeks.

We were also the first English speaking financial site disclosing Mohawk's acquisition of Marazzi Group in Italy:

Rumor Has It: Is Mohawk Industries Eyeing Marazzi Group?

Google Scholar quotes:

Coverage of Japan's Tsunami Included Few Social Media Sources - quoting: Data Centers - Key Communications Hubs in Japan - Continue Work After Quake - Seeking Alpha.

Can Public Schools Serve as Communication Networks for Community Disaster Medical Preparedness and Recovery? A Review - quoting: “Japan Earthquake: Internet a Communications Lifeline as Telephone Lines Fail.Seeking Alpha.

We participated in Immersion's Corporation's Q2 2013 Q&A session.

One of our articles has been filed as an exhibit in the Immersion Corporation vs Samsung trial, in 2019:

We participated in Immersion's Corporation's Q2 2013 Q&A session: