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That is an amazing analysis, better than what wall street firms do. Thanks - Darp

I have just read the piece by Paolo Gorgo and I must say it is great to hear his take on Accuray's problems. I have owned this stockd for more that a couple of years and have not been pleased by it's performance. I got more out of his comments and charts than any Accuray conference call to date. The picture is much clearer - Doug Baker

This is an amazingly insightful article - the professionalism and knowledge of the author is incredible and he is without doubt one of the best Seeking Alpha contributors out there. I especially love the detailed analysis, meaningful graphs and the way he is able to get to the core of the S4 filing - Pure Profit

as always good research on this niche - TraderMark

This is the best, most up to date info available on EQIX from a paid report or analyst or anywhere.! - JohnTBissell

Very well researched insight into the current state of the colo industry - Pure Profit

VERY nice article and notes on the presentation! Thank you for the information - JohnRath

And let me leave you with an EXCELLENT overview of this earnings report (and the future prospects for EQIX) from this blogger, who has a multitude of stories on this stock. He delves into the conference call as well - I like reading analysis from people who specialize in one niche and know it inside and out - TraderMark

This is the most comprehensive report I have read since first hearing about CK. Well done, I feel I know so much more about the situation now. Thank you. - graemem

Updated on February 04, 2010.