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Nortia Research - October 14 Newsletter

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EQUINIX ( EQIX ) - Weekly performance

Monday opening: $ 93.88 - Friday close: $ 98.02 - +4.4%


Equinix Switzerland Awarded Green Energy Certificate

Nortia Research:

Equinix - 2nd Sydney data center in 2008?

Chicago (Elk Grove) opening:

According to this post on the INAP Yahoo MB, Internap will begin selling cabinet in the new Equinix Elk Grove (Chicago) data center on November 7. May be time for a Company update on the opening (beginning November?) that was due around this time. We already know Deutsche Boerse will be an anchor customer.

IMMERSION ( IMMR ) - Weekly performance

Monday opening: $ 17.35 - Friday close: $ 17.15 - -1.2%


Immersion Medical Introduces OB/GYN Module for LaparoscopyVR(TM) Surgical Simulator

As a reminder, Immersion Medical segment represented almost 50% of revenues in the 2Q 2007 and was basically at break even. (Revenues $4.1 million, net income $ 23.000)

INTERNAP ( INAP ) - Weekly performance

Monday opening: $ 14.78 - Friday close: $ 16.46 - +11.2%


NAVAIR Program Selects Internap's Content Delivery Network to Deliver Rich-Media Online

Nortia Research:

Today, Adobe announced a deal with licensing provider Imagespan. What's in it for you as a content provider / producer? Imagespan allows you to license and resell the work you have created, be it images, video of Flash files.

Quote: Imagespan has partnered with Internap to ensure that every file is tracked...

NAVISITE ( NAVI ) - Weekly performance

Monday opening: $ 9.66 - Friday close: $ 9.04 - -6.4%


NaviSite, Inc. Joins The Green Grid to Promote Data Center Efficiency


Still waiting for some news about the secondary offering, which is essential for the Company to fund operations and expansion plans.


Colocation forecasts:

Gartner Says Energy and Floor Space Constraints Will Cause Significant Disruptions to U.S. Enterprise Data Centers During Next Three Years

T1R Industry Insight

Switch and Data (SDXC)

Switch and Data - Web MarketPlace

Switch and Data's Web MarketPlace is a dynamic, searchable database where our customers can actively promote their participation, products and capabilities, allowing other participants across our footprint to easily establish new revenue and cost-saving relationships.

The Web MarketPlace search capabilities will officially launch on October 15th, 2007.

Please register now and input your business' information to be part of the inaugural capability!

Switch and Data - Akamai

AKAM was announced as a customer expanding its presence in their recent 2Q 2007 results P/R.

It would look like Akam is taking 4 new 10 Gig ports on the common switch in Atlanta, Dallas, New York, Seattle.

From peeringdb:

This expansion could represent an interesting revenue stream for SDXC, at very good margins (assuming similarities to Equinix, which has 90%+ margins on its 10 Gig ports sold at around $15.000 a month) Extends AT&T Hosting Deal

In addition to hosting services, will use AT&T's intelligent content distribution service to enhance site performance and cater for traffic surges caused by breaking news and special publishing events.

Just for fun:

Monty Python alum John Cleese reprises his role as Dr. Harold Twain Weck, director of the Institute for Backup Trauma, in staffing the Friendly Advice Machine for IT Professionals. (from Data Center Knowledge)

Additions at Nortia DATA:

Equinix data centers (size, opening, etc.)

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