Equinix, Inc. was founded in 1998.


Equinix is the leading global provider of network-neutral data centers and Internet exchange services for global enterprises, content companies and network service providers, offering premium colocation, traffic exchange, peering and outsourced IT infrastructure services.

Through its network-rich Internet Business Exchange™ (IBX®) centers located in 10 strategic markets across the United States and Asia-Pacific, Equinix offers direct access to more than 200 network providers, including all of the top global Tier 1 networks. These IBX centers provide global enterprises, content companies and network service providers the most secure, fault-tolerant, redundant, flexible and cost-effective Internet infrastructure solutions in the industry, which allow customers to grow, manage and control their network and Internet operations for unparalleled performance and ROI.

Locations & Expansion:

Equinix is the largest global network-neutral data center and Internet exchange services company in the world, with facilities in 10 key markets across the United States and Asia-Pacific. U.S. IBX centers are located in the Silicon Valley, CA, Washington, D.C., New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Dallas metropolitan areas. Asia-Pacific IBX centers are located in Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Sydney.

Currently, Equinix has a total footprint of more than 2.5 million square feet, with new acquisitions and expansions continually growing IBX capacity to meet customer demand. Since December of 2003, Equinix has acquired 7 IBX centers, expanding total capacity by 50%, in key markets such as Silicon Valley, CA, Washington, D.C., Chicago and Los Angeles.

Customers Include:

More than 200 different carriers and ISPs now participate in Equinix IBX centers, including the world’s largest IP backbone networks. Network and service provider customers include AT&T, WorldCom, UUNet, Sprint, SBC, KDDI, BT and Verio. Enterprise and content provider customers include IBM, Electronic Arts, Gap, General Electric, Google, DoubleClick, Hotwire, Microsoft, Sony and Yahoo!. Equinix serves more than 1,000 customers across its network-neutral IBX centers in the United States and Asia Pacific.

Board of Directors:

Peter Van Camp (Chairman) – Executive Chairman, Equinix

Stephen M. Smith – President & CEO, Equinix

Scott Kriens – President & CEO, Juniper Networks

Steven Poy Eng – Director of Network Management, Netco Government Services

Gary Hromadko – Venture Partner, Crosslink Capital

Terry Clontz – President & CEO, StarHub Ltd.

Irving F. Lyons, III – Principal, Lyons Asset Management

Christopher Paisley – Dean's Executive Professor of Accounting and Finance, Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University


Stephen M. Smith – President & CEO

Keith Taylor – Chief Financial Officer

Margie Backaus – Chief Business Officer

Renee Lanam – Chief Development Officer

Peter Ferris – Sr. Vice President, Worldwide Sales

Sam Kapoor – Sr. Vice President, IBX Operations

Keri Crask – Vice President, Human Resources

Herb Kirchner – Vice President, Business Operations

Samuel Lee – Vice President, Equinix Asia-Pacific

Brandi Galvin Morandi – General Counsel

Eric Schwartz – Vice President, Strategy & Services

Jason Starr – Director of Investor Relations

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