One year ago, for a side business that should finally see the light at the beginning of 2012, we’ve started using VPS.NET.

As we were mainly beta testing an idea that will need an underlining multi site infrastructure when completed (and ready for prime time…), we approached them mainly to see if their operations could support our future needs.

So far, we’ve been nicely impressed with their ease of use, scalability through a simple cursor, and remote control usability, through a simple web browser interface.

Reliable backup machanisms and the possibility to choose the location of your nodes are absolutely two killer features.

In addition, the variety of pre-installed OS enables you to experiment with different setups in a matter of few minutes.

Costing and communications have, so far, been pretty straightforward and clear – just to say we’ve been satisfied enough to go to the next step, and increase the number of nodes as we approach the launch of our financial application. In other words, we are ready to become a “real” customer for them, and use their full potential.

Not many customers would probably go our way (have such a long time to refine the idea, the business plan and, in the meantime, co-opt several beta testers to try the product), but in our case this approach gave us a unique possibility to understand where we were going, as far as our offering, and also see how the infrastructure was working for us.

As we mainly had a few users and mostly from one specific country (Italy) so far, we knew we were not really pushing the system under pressure.

We are now ready to open our product to users worldwide – and there’s no doubt that VPS.NET has two things that make us feel comfortable about using them:

    • They do have the data center coverage we are interested in;
    • Their “node” approach (blocks of resources you can keep adding as needed, even on a temporary basis) is the kind of flexibility we were looking for - as you never know how successful (or unsuccessful…) your idea is going to be.

So far, so good. Now, to the next step… market acceptance… :-D