About us

Nortia Research would like to become one of the places you visit to find data and diligence on a limited number of stocks that attracted our attention (among our criteria: turn around or growth stories). Most of the site will always remain free, and will hopefully be supported by the ads you'll find in the free section. The more this revenue stream will help us, the more we'll be inclined to leave a large part of the site available to all visitors. We'll also introduce a few subscription based services, which will be very affordable. We invite you to email us at: admin [at] nortiaresearch [dot] com, if you have questions/contribution.Enjoy the site, and may a lucky fate assist you in your stock picking!

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Paolo Gorgo' founded Nortia Research to pursue his passion for equity research. Paolo began as an early investor of Equinix just after their initial IPO and has eagerly followed the Telecommunications Infrastructure and Colocation Industry for the last 10 years. During this time Paolo has compiled databases on some select Companies in the colocation sector to help organize his diligence and to help gain insight into the industry. Paolo can be reached at: admin [at] nortiaresearch [dot] com