Nortia is the Etruscan Goddess of Fate, predecessor to the Roman Goddess Fortuna (luck, in English). 

A lot of due diligence and (hopefully) a bit of good luck: our not so secret approach to investing.

About us

We love doing our own research, analysis and investing.

Mainly covering distressed and turnaround situations, bankruptcies. 

We are also looking for cutting-edge technologies or innovative business models, that we mostly try to re-evaluate after they decline from their peak of inflated expectations.  


Paolo Gorgo' founded Nortia Research to pursue his passion for equity research. Paolo is an Italy-based investor who mostly analyzes distressed debt and turnaround cases. At first, he started covering the Telecommunications Infrastructure and Colocation Industry, whose turnaround has been impressive - see Paolo's article: "Equinix's Journey From IPO To The Nasdaq 100 Through Near Bankruptcy".  

Later on, he widened the scope of his research to include different sectors/special situations. 

His commentary has been quoted both by news organizations like Reuters (I, II) and listed companies like Equinix, Switch and Data (now part of Equinix), TelX (Digital Realty), etc., or published by leading online sector-specific sources like Data Center Knowledge. Paolo also hosted a few presentations at Data Center Dynamics conferences in Italy. 

Background of our name

Nortia had a great temple in Velsna, where it was a tradition to drive a nail into the wall at the new year to mark the ending or fixing of the old one.

This is variously explained as an expiation rite, or symbolizing the conclusion of the year just past. 

The act of driving a nail is seen as symbolic of Fate, as it  puts an end to motion.

The Latin expression "Clavus anni" designates the beginning of the year, and derives from this tradition (clavus is Latin for nail).

Nailing data - in our case a deep analysis of past performances as a starting point for new investment decisions

Our work

We share some of our diligence through articles that are published by Seeking Alpha. 

You may click here for our bio and a list of articles available. 

Here are a few more info about our activity at Seeking Alpha. 


Our major areas of interest outside of distressed and turnarounds include the colocation sector (data centers). 

Our philosophy 

Tigers are associated with strength and courage. Rabbits are fearful. 

Estimated tiger population: 3,000 animals. 

Estimated rabbit population: over 700 million animals. 

Probably more fearful (rabbit) than courageous (tiger), we are fully aware that turnaround stories are extremely rare as, unfortunately, most companies never turn around. 

Here at Nortia Research we strive to combine the best characteristics of both animals: we try to fearfully preserve our capital, but we also have the courage to invest "in the darkest times possible" when we find an outstanding story with a positive asymmetrical risk/reward profile. 


Here you'll find a few quotes - positive comments to our work/articles. We'll let you find criticism by yourself in the comment section of our articles...  ;-)


Not a solicitation to buy, hold or sell shares or debit instruments of any company. See our full disclaimer

Enjoy the site, and may a lucky fate assist you in your stock picking!


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